We are grateful to be able to share this video, made by our friends at Stories+Objects, that so beautifully encapuslates the story of Buldan's weavers. Explore the Stories+Objects website for more incredible stories from around the world.


The peştemal (pronounced pesh-te-mal) is a traditional, flat, woven Turkish towel that came to life during the 14th Century Turkish bathing culture.

It is a lightweight, highly durable cloth. Made from premium Turkish cotton or linen, the threads are spun to create the rare combination of a thin, yet highly absorbent cloth.

Well known internationally within boutique artisan communities, the peştemal is now fast becoming recognised in the everyday market place as a highly versatile, practical and invaluable item.


Studio Buldan focuses on authentically hand made peştemal - traditionally hand-loomed products, and those made on semi-automated, old-style shuttle looms. We advocate for a step away from fast-textile, mass-produced methods.

With the introduction of automated machines into the industry, there are now only a small group of master weavers left in Turkey who continue this tradition by hand. We work closely with these talented weavers to bring you this range of unique peştemal.

Production is limited to six per day for hand-loomed and up to ten per day for shuttle-loomed. Watch the Stories+Objects short video for a beautiful description of these methods by the weavers.

With our own Turkish heritage, we have a passion to share this part of the Turkish culture - the unique and traditional peştemal.