“I have lived in Buldan all my life…I grew up beside workbenches sleeping with their sound… Weaving is my life and the life inspires my weaving.” - Master weaver, Hasan

Carefully woven by our skilled master weaver Hasan, this is our Baklava range of pestemal.

The name, Baklava, has been taken from the street name used amongst the local weavers’ themselves for this style.

The diamond shaped patterns woven into the fabric resembles the shape of the sweet and sticky baklava desert.

This layered design of diamonds adds an extra soft and silk-like touch to this cotton style.

The Baklava style can be used as a bathroom or beach towel, picnic blanket, a throw over the bed. The Baklava in particular is also popularly used as a shawl/scarf for the cool days and evenings.

~ Made in Buldan, Turkey

~ Made from 100% premium quality Turkish cotton

~ Hand woven with traditional shuttle-looms

~ Tassels individually hand twirled by the local women of Buldan

~ Approximately 95cm x 175cm (37” x 69”)

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