Nefes Throw

Nefes Throw


“Our designs are inspired by tradition that dates back to thousands of years.” 

~ Rüstem Odel, master weaver

Rüstem brings to us his carefully hand-loomed Nefes throw.

Nefes means ~breath~ in Turkish.

Bright and colourful, sophisticated and versatile, our Nefes throw brightens up any room.  

Perfect for that eye catching throw on the sofa, or for an extra blanket to keep you snug in bed.  
Hand made with creativity and care, guaranteed to keep you cosy.

~ Hand made in Buldan, Turkey

~ Made from 100% premium quality Turkish cotton

~ Hand woven with traditional shuttle-looms

~ Tassels individually hand twirled by the local women of Buldan

~ Approximately 237cm x 185cm (93.3” x 72.8”) -ie comfortably fits a queen sized bed

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